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September 24, 2013

Sound Off

No more men

An unprovoked beating of a human being happens on a heavily traveled main street in Haverhill at 2 in the afternoon and no one rushed to help him? What in God’s name has become of this society? Men are no longer “men” when they do not have the fortitude to step up and get involved out of fear. I hope those of you who could have helped are proud of yourselves!

Set an example

Today’s busy lifestyle requires the ability to multi-task. We’re so good at it, we’re beyond wishing for more hours in a day. It’s time though, to take a good hard look at multi-tasking behind the wheel. Every time I read in the paper or see something on the TV about a car crossing the center line resulting in injuries or death, I’m convinced it’s the result of multi-tasking distraction. It might be putting on that lipstick, opening your drink or phoning or texting that friend. Shouldn’t your full attention be on your driving? Do you want to live (if you do) the rest of your life knowing that you maimed or killed someone? Is it really worth it? You may think it’s a long way off before your 10-year-old will be driving but time really flies. Kids, even very young ones, are so aware of what you do that you’d better set a good example NOW.

Stop the games

I’ve heard Steve Zanni say that he “stopped the games.” Since the political cronies who first supported him are now against him, I’m convinced Zanni is telling the truth. Mayor, keep cleaning up the city; the average voter is with you!

Taylor fan

I would like to thank the Eagle-Tribune for publishing weekly columns by Taylor Amerding. Taylor always gives the facts and the truth and does his research. I have turned many people on to his articles and they now eagerly await his weekly column. If only the uniformed voters would do the same. Great job, Taylor Amerding, keep those columns coming.

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