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September 25, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Disgraceful Dems

The Democrats showed their true colors last week by walking out of the Benghazi hearing just before the parents of two of the murdered victims of the embassy attack were to testify and seek explanations for the unnecessary and totally avoidable deaths of their sons. The two Massachusetts congressmen who walked out were Steve Lynch and John Tierney. Obviously the Democrats are in a huge cover-up mode. But, as Hillary Clinton, would say what difference does it make. After all, none those Democrats that walked out or Hillary Clinton lost a son. Where’s all the compassion and transparency these Democrat hypocrites always campaign on? It simply doesn’t exist.


Ever noticed how the liberal Democrats give a speech? When they think they have information that we are too stupid to understand, up comes their index finger, and it starts pointing at us, just like Mom’s when she was cheesed at something we had done. And guess what, Dems? I tune you out the same way I tuned her out! Trouble is, the Dems add to their finger-pointing by name-calling. And that makes me really, really mad! Maybe you folks should learn some manners so your communication skills are improved. It certainly would improve our image of you.

How to succeed

As a 16-year-old dropout taking a job for 75 cents an hour, looking back, I made the wrong choice. Success in life is staying in school, graduating with a degree or becoming a person with a skill. A first-class finish carpenter can earn $35 an hour. Don’t look to the government for your answer. Set your mind and move forward. It will be therapeutic, and your confidence will soar. Perseverance is the key word. Start at an unskilled job to make a few bucks. Plan the future. Start now. Last of all, be an outstanding American!

Maintenance needed

Unless I see a maintenance plan for city-owned buildings, I am NOT going to vote for a new school Haverhill, like other cities and towns, does not appear to have any routine maintenance plan. The plan seems to be to dig deeper into taxpayers’ pockets and just go for a new building. Let’s wake up, citizens!

John tops Joe

While watching a recent Red Sox vs. Yankees game, the subject of manager of the year came up. One of the national broadcasters said his vote was for Joe Girardi, doing the job he did with all the injuries. I guess the Red Sox didn’t have injuries and John Farrell didn’t bring them from last to first place. What a wizard of an analyst.

Bad for Methuen

Jennifer Kannan as mayor would be extremely bad for Methuen. After the debacle that was the cutting of the health director (which still makes no sense and seems more of a power decision against the mayor for this election and done as a favor for her BFF’s). How can she be an effective mayor for all of Methuen when she has family on the Fire, Police and school departments. The decisions she would need to make as mayor regarding these union positions will be fueled by nepotism, not what is best for Methuen. She should be running to make Methuen a better place, not to use it as her own personal favor factory.