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September 25, 2013

Letter: Naivete led us to war in Iraq

To the editor:

In his Sept. 22 letter, “War in Iraq was amply justified,” Tapan Bhattacharjee writes “Liberals always think President Bush is to be blamed for the Iraq War and 9/11 attack.” It is dangerous to use words like “always” or “never.” There are too many exceptions in this world.

It is untrue that conservatives always want to go to war. Few supported an attack on Syria. It is untrue that conservatives always vote the way the NRA tells them. Some very bright conservatives support gun control. There are also many conservatives who believe immigration is America’s strength. These smart conservatives try to move the country forward. While they are outnumbered, they represent what’s left of the intellectual side of the Republican Party.

Liberals do not always think Bush is to blame for 9/11. He shoulders some responsibility for intelligence failure, but to say liberals always blame Bush is foolish. Many other factors are to blame: airport security, our intelligence network and, of course, Bin Laden.

Second, he writes, “American presidents have believed that Muslims can do no wrong because Islam is a peaceful religion.” Again, foolish. Islam is a peaceful religion as is Christianity. Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists all contribute to peaceful coexistence.

In both religions, justification for militant behavior is found by religious fundamentalists and fanatics infecting the ranks. Fundamentalist Muslims believe blowing up buildings with innocents inside is justifiable; others believe stoning a woman is acceptable or chopping off the head of a hostage. Fundamentalist Christians in America bomb women’s health centers because abortions might be done there; others hold signs of aborted fetuses and threaten women and doctors. Others believe a manlike being lives in the sky and that a “devil” is under ground. They are on the fringe and do great damage by “brainwashing” their young.

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