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October 5, 2013

Sound Off


Good God! How could the Lawrence firefighters union vote to endorse Mayor William Lantigua when so many in his administration are under indictment and he himself is being investigated? I’m afraid Lawrence will deserve everything it gets if he is re-elected.

Wouldn’t listen

We need to all understand, in the beginning if the Democrats listened to the huge majority of the American people that did not want Obamacare/ACA we would not have a government shutdown now. Instead they were pig-headed, refused to listen to the people and as a result parks are closed and some government employees are furloughed. Now the Democrats refuse to negotiate so we continue the government shutdown. Anyone that is reasonable, informed and uses simple logic can easily conclude it is the fault of the Democrats the government is shutdown. These Democrats in Washington will realize their selfish and irresponsible actions in 2014 when they will all be permanently unemployed not just furloughed.


I have been a Methuen resident all my life and have seen some very negative politics. However, Jennifer Kannan is an outstanding citizen in my book and has helped me on various problems and questions. I have watched many council meetings and she’s always there with an open mind and listens intensely. However, Mayor Zanni was absent on many occasions when questions needed to be answered. So please tell me how he can possibly move Methuen forward or in the right direction when he can’t even attend crucial meetings as mayor? Jennifer, you certainly have my vote and the vote of my entire family. You are definitely an asset to the town of Methuen!


While reading the articles on Methuen police ticketing drivers for failure to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks, two thoughts come to mind: Why aren’t people ticketed for not crossing in a crosswalk and who has the right of way when a person crosses in a crosswalk that has a no-crossing light. Aren’t pedestrians supposed to follow the rules also? Let’s not even talk about the way bicyclists don’t follow any of the rules. Car owners are the only ones taxed to use the roads they drive on.

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