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October 6, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

We need policies that create jobs

To the editor:

The total amount spent by big government in Washington under President Obama is $3.6 trillion. The taxes taken in was $2.4 trillion. That leaves a deficit of $1.2 trillion. This is not the act of sane, elected, political people, who represent us as a nation.

The president and the Democratic Senate keep trying to come up with more spending ideas like the stimulus and give-aways, such as the $4.7 billion lost in the support of green, environmental businesses. This is a scandalous use of taxpayers money with more scandals to come. President Obama all the time is taking care of his friends at the expense of the American economy.

People should be protesting against President Obama for calling for more spending after TARP, a multi-billion dollar bailout of big investment houses and banks too big to fail. The failed government housing policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stuck the taxpayers for $140 billion dollars in losses.

The result of these good intentions is just to blame problems on others, especially American businesses that try to create jobs. Democrats continue backing all the heavy regulations and uncertainties like Obamacare.

Why aren’t the so called progressive Democrats interested to getting Americans back to work? Are they out to foster extreme liberal destructive ideas against our free enterprise system of private business at the cost of our freedoms? Why are they supporting President Obama’s big government, job-losing policies of borrow and spend? They are creating even more debt, putting down everyone to a equal level in wealth like all socialist or communist countries.

Having a free-enterprise system, removing harsh regulations, and creating more certainty for American business would create millions of jobs. It can happen if we change by believing in America!

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