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October 7, 2013

Sound Off


So Timberlane will go back to making students take mid-terms and finals. Where is the apology from principal Don Woodworth to all those students who were not given the opportunity to prepare for college by actually learning how to retain what his teachers taught. Like the senior said in the article, she is now nervous because she used to just throw the notes away because she knew she would never need them to study for a mid term or final. Timberlane was a laughing stock in the media three years ago. Dr. Metzler, the fish rots from the head!

Medical tourism

Now that the disaster known as Obamacare is becoming a reality for Americans, I recommend for your own protection that you become familiar with the expression “medical tourism.” When Obama’s death panel tells you “no” for the surgery you need, get out your passport and get a visa to India.


Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is using the government shutdown as a reason for not reviewing emails from constituents. Just check her website. Sounds like she doesn’t want to hear from the folks who elected her, just the Democratic Party.

Gravy train

What a surprise. Public union puppet Methuen City Council Chairman Sean Fountain has announced his support for mayoral candidate Jennifer Kannan. Fountain is a firefighter. Kannan has relatives in the school, fire and police departments. Birds of a feather flock together. The public unions and their families will be out voting in force to keep the gravy train rolling. Methuen residents had better get their checkbooks out. Your taxes will be going up again this year, just like every year. The same token councilors will vote against raising taxes but lose in the end, as usual. All the unions will get their raises and perks. And we will all be told that it’s “only” a small increase for the “average” home. It’s a shame that the majority of the residents of Methuen don’t get out to vote to stop this vicious cycle.

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