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October 8, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Distortions

If it is true that a majority of Americans are against the Affordable Care Act (which I seriously doubt), it is no surprise. Ever since before it passed, we have been subjected to a steady stream of Republican distortions and lies about it with talk of such things as "death panels" and rationing of health care (as if the current private insurance companies don't already do so). Sadly, the corporate press, as usual, doesn't bother to do any fact-checking and just repeats their talking points. Indeed, in Republican-controlled states, the governments are actually using taxpayer money to run advertising campaigns discouraging people from signing up. Despite this all-out effort, so many people want to sign up that it is overwhelming the websites' servers.


I am writing to Sound Off because of people complaining about people not stopping for pedestrians. Well, some pedestrians do not even pay attention and do not look both ways before crossing the streets. Some even cross the busy street when the light is green. This is called jaywalking.

Punishment due

The police officer Rick Welch, who failed to send help to Silsby Farm for the man working there, should be fired. The man died and was found by the caretaker of the farm hours later. Again I ask what makes the life of the common people less important than a police officer's? I know for sure if this was a police officer's family member all the department would be out looking in full force. Someone has to be reprimanded for this terrible conduct. Too bad he is a union president. That should not weigh in here. There is no reason not to punish him for his wrongdoings.


I would like to thank the State Police for allowing excessive speeding on our highways to get out of hand. It is an absolute hazard to obey the law and do the speed limit! I should not have to worry about being rear-ended by a distracted law-breaking moron. And please, enough of the charade of having a trooper on the side of the roadway pointing a radar gun trying to intimidate drivers with no other trooper up ahead to stop them.

Done with Brady

Time to send Tom Brady to Dallas and bring on the young gun, the way they did before.


I saw Jennifer Kannan this weekend and was so impressed by her grace and fortitude when Steve Zanni supporters pulled a nasty stunt. She's also being attacked on a daily basis. Methuen people deserve better than this. They deserve better than Steve. I hope this is the end of the baloney, but my guess is it won't be.


It is unbelievable how arrogant the people in Washington are! How dare they close off the open-air parks and pavilions? Those were paid for by the American people, not by members of the Democratic Party who want to make the government shutdown as painful as possible to as many people as possible. Where do they come off excluding the very people who died for this country and their families who paid for these monuments?

Back pay

Can you imagine that Congress is going to give back pay to the federal workers who have been sitting at home all week because none of them can get their act together and do their jobs? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought people were paid because they worked, not because they didn't! Oh, I forgot, this is the world of the Democrats and their socialistic ideology! If they don't get paid for sitting home, they'll go on the dole and get government money that way. In a word, we taxpayers can't win!