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October 8, 2013

Letter: Remember shutdown at election time

To the editor:

Let me see if I understand this. No one can visit our national parks and monuments, because the government (or, at least, a small part of it) is shut down. So the Park Service, among many more important functions of the government, is not, ummmm, functioning. And this is the result of Congress’ stupidity and truculence. Is that about right?

And, now, they’ve decided that all those nonfunctioning functionaries should be paid, regardless. Because going without pay is such a hardship on them. Is that right? So we have to pay for all those government services we’re not getting. Is that right?

That’s not compassion for government workers. That is an attitude of “screw the taxpayers.”

Do they think that, through their actions with regard to this entire matter, their chances for re-election are improving?

When was the last time they did something for us, instead of to us?

What’s the solution? Easy. Remember this at election time. We’ve been electing the wrong people, and they all need to go. Polls show that everyone, I mean all of us, think that our own senators and congressmen are doing a fine job; it’s just all the others that are bad. But they’re all, to a man and woman, doing an absolutely terrible job! Clearly, we’ve been wrong about our elected officials.

The only thing the present bunch is good at is getting themselves re-elected. We need people that are good at representing us and running the government on our behalf. Vote for people with those talents, not people with a glib tongue and a hand in your pocket.

Bill Bennett


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