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October 9, 2013

Letter: Kannan is best choice for mayor in Methuen

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

In Methuen, our three previous mayors -- Mayor Dennis DiZoglio, Mayor Sharon Pollard, and Mayor William Manzi -- all had different personalities and different styles. But one thing they did have in common was they worked diligently and tirelessly to guarantee that the city of Methuen kept its own identity.

Methuen is surrounded by larger cities that have many of the problems associated with larger cities. If our community does not maintain a constant awareness and effort, many of those problems can and will spread.

Several months ago, during a city council meeting, our current mayor was informed that someone had painted graffiti all over a bridge abutment. Mayor Zanni’s response was “It is the state’s problem” because the state owned the bridge. We had to find ways to take care of the problem without the help of our own city. This is a very small example about a very simple issue, but it shows a lack of concern.

My experiences have taught me that Methuen residents are hardworking, blue-collar people who just want to make an honest living and live in decent and safe neighborhoods.

Jennifer Kannan has these same values and concerns. As mayor, she will make it a priority for Methuen to keep its own identity and not be swallowed up by the issues of the larger cities that surround us. With Jennifer Kannan as mayor, Methuen can be better.

Joe Carroll