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October 10, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Crown needed

Five military heroes were killed on duty last week but the Pentagon will not give their family death benefits or help in getting to Dover Air Force Base to claim their bodies. Priests will be charged if they try to say Mass on bases, amber alerts have been suspended, and open air memorials have been cordoned off. But Michelle Obama’s project “Let’s Move” is still up and running and the National Mall was opened up for illegal aliens and an immigration reform rally. Am I the only one who sees something wrong in this picture? The Obama administration is doing all they can to hurt the average Joe. They’re totally inept. Why don’t all you who support Obama just chip in and buy him the crown he sorely wants?


I just finished reading the disgusting article in The Eagle-Tribune regarding Mike Gagliardi “bullying” Jennifer Kannan about her education. I do have a high school diploma, but I was unable to attend college because my mother who was the sole breadwinner in my family (with three other siblings) could not afford college tuition for us. I am however, proud to say that I am a manager in an insurance agency right here in Methuen, and probably earn more money than Mr. Gagliardi does. Mayor Zanni, you should bury your head in the sand for allowing someone like Mike to attend the pancake breakfast and please stop pretending you had “nothing to do with it.” Shame on you and your campaign.

No surrender

Rep. John Boehner is now a victim? Poor John Boehner and the Republicans. Would you feel sorry for a gunman and his gang who try to rob you? And when the one at gunpoint says “Please drop your gun,” the gunmen say, “Boo hoo, I won’t surrender.” Surrender? Really?

No choice

I am an older person, 60-plus, so just maybe I am not understanding things correctly. I heard our president say if we Americans do not buy into his health insurance plan we will be fined. This bothers me greatly. What happened to our constitutional rights? It was my belief in our country we Americans have freedom of choice, which compared to some other countries is a wonderful thing. Well, it was to me anyway.

Waking up

It’s happening. The people are waking up. Obama’s favorable rating is now at 37 percent. But you won’t hear this from any of the liberal media. Obama and the Democrats are now blaming the Republicans for not funding military funerals. What they won’t tell you is John Boehner and the House gave Harry Reid and the Senate a bill to fund the military completely excluding Obamacare and Harry Reid refused to pass it. So my friends, it is the Democrats that are responsible for the shut down and the Democrats will be responsible for our great military not being paid next month. All this because the Democrats refuse to listen to the people and stop this disaster, Obamacare.

Follow the law

To the writer of “Hypocrites”: I would suggest that the Democrats are being the ultimate hypocrites. They are the ones who made themselves exempt from Obamacare and gave waivers to their cronies. Why is President Obama not following his own law?