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October 10, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Passing only

To “Leave earlier”: Read the Registry of Motor Vehicles manual. The right lanes on the highway are the travel lanes. The left lanes are the passing lanes. There are signs posted on some highways that state that the left lanes are to be used only for passing. If you are traveling for miles in the passing lane, regardless of your speed, you are breaking the law. Leave your ego at home and stop acting as the speed patrol.

Respect the law

To the person that says that they will not drive over 65 mph in the left lane: Welcome to the world of law-breakers. Before you scold others for speeding you should look in your mirror and scold yourself for being a law-breaker as well. The law in Massachusetts states that the left lane is to be used in passing and not for traveling. That means that if you are not passing another car then it makes it unlawful for you to be using the lane to impede other cars even if they are driving faster than the posted speed limit. By driving what you perceive as the right speed, you are just as much in violation of the law as a speeder. You are not the police and it is illegal for you to try to do their job by limiting travel in left lane. If you want other drivers to respect the law, then look to yourself first.

Funeral procession

On Tuesday morning I along with 300 other family and friends met at a beautiful church in Lawrence to mourn the loss of a loved one. The ride from church to the cemetery in Chelmsford was horrific! We lost track of how many times we were cut off, swore at or flipped the finger. Don’t people know lights flashing mean it’s a funeral? I could not believe how rude and mean they were.

Private vs. public

There is a big difference between public employees and private company employees. What private companies do for their employees is their business. That is why they are called private companies. You can’t call private company benefit policies abuse. Public employees, on the other hand, work for us and overly generous benefits packages negotiated by our managers with public employee unions are out of control.

Poor verdict

How can a jury deem the vicious assault on Thu Nguyen was not first degree murder? Mr. Nguyen’s health should not have been on trial. The defense argued a phony excuse that Thu Nguyen died due to his medications? Daniel Lee Lopez premeditated this assault, placed the phone call, and he and Ronny Ramos laid in wait to assault and rob Mr. Nguyen. Shame on the wimps who were too afraid to testify. These men should have gotten life in prison. Shame on the jury. This is not American justice. I am appalled!


I’m waiting for Obama to blame George W. Bush for his pathetic performance in the debate. The real Obama showed up with no teleprompter and no Hollywood stars and no lamestream media able to come to his aid. Hopefully, it woke up enough voters to not make the same mistake of voting for this phony again.