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December 2, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Ground Hog Day

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for the city of Methuen to announce its annual property tax rate increase. Time to say it’s only so much for the “average” home. Time for the same two token city councilors to pretend they are against it. I’d like to know where these “average” single family homes valued at $250,000 are located. I’d like to buy one. My home is pretty much average and my real estate taxes are over $5,000 a year, $100 a week. That’s insane. I own a property in Florida, where my taxes are $100 a month. I can’t wait to move out of this greedy, corrupt, poorly run city. I just can’t understand how they raise our taxes every single year. Do they think money grows on trees?

Paid to shop

I would like to voice my humble opinion on firefighters “shopping on the clock.” I and plenty of others do not agree with this practice of parking your vehicle in the fire lane while you shop to fill your cupboards. How many other employers would allow you to go shopping while your are on the clock and using the company vehicle? None. Bring your food to work when you go there or have someone deliver it to the station. This is nothing more than abusing the privilege of the position.

Carter the worst

Someone touted the worst presidents as the two Bushes and Nixon. Being one who lived through his administration, I can say without a doubt that the worst president in my lifetime by far was Jimmy Carter. Gas prices increased 500 percent during his presidency, and those who lived through it can remember waiting in lines at gas stations every other day based on the last number on your license plate. Oil embargo or not, he didn’t do anything about it. Also, he allowed our people to remain hostage to a foreign government, again doing nothing about it. (Reagan negotiated their freedom.) He did get a Nobel peace prize for getting Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to shake hands but except for that, he makes George H. W. and George W. Bush, Nixon and even Obama look like geniuses.

No justice

When someone is killed because of a drunk driver, a reckless driver or a cold-blooded killer, there needs to be justice. A young woman kills two people but because she was drunk only gets 3 1/2 years in prison? Where’s the justice? She willingly got drunk, got behind the wheel of her car and chose to drive drunk. No she didn’t intend to be in an accident, but I guarantee she knew what could possibly happen. I’m sorry, but I believe killers don’t deserve to live. If they can’t prove their innocence in one year, they deserve the death penalty.

Their victims didn’t have a choice.

$11 not enough

Wow. There is talk our minimum wage might possibly increase to $11 dollars an hour in the year 2014. That does not cover the high cost of everything — groceries, utilities, rent, gas, you name it. God forbid, I should have to go to the dentist.