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December 2, 2013

Letter: Cardinal Dolan should be cheering for ACA

To the editor:

Cardinal Timothy Dolan appeared on “Meet the Press” this past Sunday and expressed regrets that he could not act as a cheerleader for the Affordable Care Act due to its position on birth control, which conflicts with Catholic teachings and the cannons of the church.

Cardinal, for the record, we are about the same age, and by the time you were ordained in 1976, my Catholic wife and I were married and had two children. Before you reached the position of monsignor, we had five and had it not been for birth control, we probably would have had 10 or perhaps even more.

Remember the edicts of the church must constantly evolve, otherwise Copernicus and Galileo would have died in prison for teaching what every school child knows today as fact, that the earth rotates around the sun.

With all due respect, if you honestly think that married Catholics are not practicing birth control, you should be the cardinal of Fantasy Land. Your Eminence, in my entire life I have never seen as much hope, faith and promise in the leader of your church as has been placed in the seer of your church , Pope Francis. Only the true vicar of Christ could cause such positive feelings from people of all faiths, including staunch atheists.

In closing, Cardinal Dolan, may I implore you (and please forgive the phrase) to stand up and cheer like hell for the success of the Affordable Care Act.

Robert Burdin


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