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December 2, 2013

Letter: What makes high school reunions so special

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

In our youth, we lived, laughed and loved. In our maturity we did the same but with a difference.

Along the way, we lost that enduring feeling of inevitable happiness. That is the fleeting promise of youth, which is as temporary as dew on a leaf on a hot summer sunrise.

Our celebration at these events takes on many qualities. The burning pull of nostalgia is most notable, but so are the faint remembrances of unspoken passions.

We move our bodies, which are less durable now , in feigned attempts to reassert ourselves as being perpetually vital.

This is witnessed mostly on the dance floor.

When we hold each other in embrace, it is an act of defiance. Time will not intrude on us tonight!

For those who live this moment, the feeling is uplifting. We are after all survivors! We have all lost something along the way — a marriage, a business, a career, prized possessions, money, loved ones and. perhaps to some degree. peace of mind.

But the abundance of life has also enabled us to capture good things.

The most reassuring evidence of this is that each and everyone of us live meaningful lives because we are meaningful in the lives of others: those we serve, those we help, those who depend on us.

Joe D’Amore