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December 3, 2013

Sound Off


Sweden and Switzerland have more millionaires and billionaires than ever before? So what? You only need one more to have more than ever before. Massachusetts has nearly triple the number of millionaires than Sweden and New Jersey has as many as Switzerland. Most important, you can be assured that those millionaires aren’t relying on their countries’ socialist health care when they get sick. They get the best care and the drugs they want, not what some government lackey wants them to have!

Fire trucks

A few weeks ago there was an article concerning the aging of Haverhill’s fire trucks. The wear and tear is taking a toll on them. For years I watched as fire trucks were used to go grocery shopping to a store a mile away when there was a store across from the firehouse. This would occur up to three times a day using all the different trucks. Despite my constant concerns and complaints about their misuse no one cared until Chief DeNaro took control of the Fire Department. It finally subsided. And now the union president cares?

Another promise

Obama makes another promise, and as usual, cannot deliver. It is now December and Healthcare.gov still isn’t working. But hey, what is one more lie when there have been so many?

No maintenance

Now we need a new fire truck in Haverhill because it was reported in the paper that the current one is in need of repair or replacement. It has been determined by our city officials that repair is not feasible and we will borrow money to buy a new one. How did the old one get in such disrepair? And don’t tell me it’s just old because these trucks are built to last. Why was it allowed to deteriorate to this extent? It makes me very suspicious of the “maintenance plan” for the new Hunking School that we are being asked to build and fund. It’s also amazing how officials can find a way to fund a half-million dollar truck but say there will be hard times when a school budget is overrun. But let’s not touch the rainy day fund! Oh no! We can’t do that!

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