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December 4, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — An epidemic

I read that good Sound Off on drunken driving and I would like to add to it. Anyone could be stopped once but then again it only takes one trip to get in an accident. However, if a person is stopped two or three times or more they are alcoholics driving a car. Their license should be revoked for a total of 15 years and only returned if they prove they are sober for a good length of time. If they continue to drive without a license they should get 10 years and if they kill someone they should get 20 years. This is now an epidemic that must be stopped.

What buck?

When problems arose during Reagan’s administration his people got together and brainstormed the thing until a solution was found. The buck stopped in the Oval Office. This administration uses a different resolution technique. They simply call in the responsible but always unaccountable parties, do some “blame-storming” and chant the mandatory Obama mantra: “What buck?”

Resource officer

I’m a bit concerned with not having a full-time school resource office at the high school in Plaistow. The voters approved this position 11 years ago. How can the police chief and superintendent make the decision to change the hours without going back to the voters? If Plaistow can’t supply the officer, what about one of the other communities? The school district pays for the officer, not the town of Plaistow.

Petty gripes

I read the Sound Off column every day and if it isn’t political, it’s petty complaints and gripes. There are far more important things in life to be concerned about than politics that you can do nothing about or picking on the firemen for going shopping. Move on, people!

Cut positions

Why is it every time a municipality needs to take more money from us they always talk about layoffs of police and fire personnel? Why not eliminate some of the redundant positions in City Hall and the School Department? Hey, maybe a consolidation of duplicate positions between the School Department and City Hall or consolidating administrative help between all of Methuen’s departments, such as IT or DPW-type workers. Who uses secretaries in business now? Methuen does! Mayor Zanni, you were re-elected because your ran Methuen as it should be, like a business. Don’t fail the citizens of Methuen now. Taxpayers in Methuen have had to face layoffs every day. Unfortunately, so too should the people that work for them.

Minimum wage

You’re not supposed to “live” off minimum wage! It’s a stepping stone to a real job and career. If you have to pay rent, utilities, gas and the dentist and still have a minimum wage job, you’re not doing something right. I shouldn’t have to pay a lot more at McDonald’s or Wal-Mart because of it! I’d suggest some schooling or training for a true career. Leave minimum wage low so people won’t be satisfied with it.

Better jobs

So the minimum wage goes up and then the cost of goods and services goes up for everyone to compensate for the increase. Minimum wage jobs used to be for kids or second job folks. If the writer wants more, then he or she just has to find a better job. Maybe it will be a little harder than flipping burgers but what are you going to do?