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December 6, 2013

Sound Off


I am already so sick of Christmas commercials! Bah, humbug!

30 is enough

We all know that millionaires do not bother to write columns in the paper so why does some lackey write in the paper to defend them? They don’t need you. Of course they can get the best health care and medicines. They can afford it like they can afford their 40-room mansions. Forty rooms | that’s awful. No one need more than 30 rooms.

Obey the law

I have a great idea. Since Obama can pick and choose laws for his convenience and obey only those laws he wants to obey, how about if all legal and working citizens of this country do the same? The first law we shouldn’t obey and that would work to all our convenience would be to stop paying taxes to support an administration that is trying so desperately to destroy our great nation. After all, if Obama can get away with it why can’t the people who pay his salary be entitled to the same privilege?

Cut budget

Why is it whenever someone tries exert any control over a town budget, the first thing politicians say is “We’ll have to cut police and fire”! Please. There are many more things to cut. There has to be a way to keep budgets under control. Here’s a thought, maybe Mayor Zanni should have re-thought that big pay hike he gave to the patrolman’s union? Those payoffs to his friends is coming back to bite every citizen’s behind right now!

Open your eyes

To those who are bored with politics: Put down the remote, get off of your couch and go to a computer. Have a look at the national debt clock. When your EBT is not reloaded some day, maybe you will put two and two together. Just because you don’t care about the downward spiral that our country is in it doesn’t mean that no one does. You will open your eyes, when it affects you directly.

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