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December 7, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Training costs

What does training cost again? That’s right, money. So we’re supposed to magically have money at entry-level positions despite living off wages that have not kept pace with inflation, never mind costs of living? And then when we all magically get the money to train, and have the training needed for slightly better paying careers, then what? Have you never heard of economic bubbles? It’s back to McDonald’s with an engineering degree. Just pay the extra 5 cents for your Big Mac.

Politics matter

To the caller “Petty gripes”: What in heaven makes you think discussing politics on Sound Off isn’t important? Most of the statements made are from people concerned with the direction these politicians are taking country. These people, unlike you, read and pay attention to the news and what the political leaders are doing to this country. If you think like your statement that “nothing can be done about politics”, then you are part of the problem and need some education on the matter. These politicians have forgotten that they work for we the people, not the other way around. If we the people don’t bring it to their attention, then we become sheep and follow our leaders whether they’re right or wrong. Your statement puts you in the sheep classification, which is uninformed and uninterested, because you’re too busy keeping up with Hollywood news, or something of that caliber, to care. Although you’ll probably be the first to complain when some of your constitutional rights have been taken away, but then it will be too late. I suggest you and the rest like you smarten up and start paying attention before there is nothing left of this great country.


The article on James Young who was shocked and lost his arms in 2010 was amazing. What people should also know is that he is a loved and respected basketball coach who lead his fifth- and sixth-grade travel team to a second-place finish last March.

Budget woes

I was in Mayor Zanni’s corner until the subject of the latest projection for property taxes came up, and his defense of why the police and fire got the generous raise they got. Yes, they gave back when times were tough, but based on some of the salaries that have been published, they’re still doing OK. A lot of people don’t get raises these days, some people are lucky to have jobs. As a senior citizen who receives Social Security, there were a few years that there wasn’t a cost-of-living adjustment until recently and the government didn’t give out extra to make up for the years without. I would think by now the powers that be would know enough to not count on projected local aid and instead count on less | and be happy if they get more. It’s disgusting to use threats of layoffs and not opening the budget to get what you want. Shame on you Mayor Zanni. I thought you were better than that!