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December 8, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


We are a quiet neighborhood. One that for all the tax dollars we have paid has no sidewalks, roads that had, until this project came up for approval, largely been ignored by the DPW to the point of serious disrepair, and half of us have been left with no sewer access thanks again to big developers. The battles that individual residents have had with Conservation over comparatively minor changes to their homes would be laughable had they not been so disrespectful.

Today the BSNA asks for the same respect we have shown this town while airing our grievances about a project that will permanently change our area. Do the right thing for this neighborhood, do it for the future residents of 16 Berry St. and don’t stop there. Create, aggressively pursue, and finally execute a 40B plan that will truly set a precedent.

Lori Harrison

North Andover

No going back on health care

To the editor:

To hear Republicans tell the tale, the U.S. was in the golden age of health care insurance before the abominable Affordable Care Act (ACA). Their misty-eyed sighs of longing for the good old days seem to have by-passed a few memory cells.

In fact the U.S. health care system is one morass of inefficiency, waste and head-scratching complication. That’s why there have been major efforts to reform it, both Republican and Democratic, for 60 plus years!

Just a few basics should suffice. First, well over half of all bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused by medically related emergencies. Many of these families had medical insurance, but under the laws of the good old days insurance companies were allowed to cancel medical insurance when people got sick. Many policies had fine print that limited payouts to so little as to be meaningless. People only found out their medical insurance was worthless after they got sick. Almost all of this is eliminated by the ACA.

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