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April 12, 2013

Letter: D’Amore can help us take back Groveland

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

What is going on in Groveland? This once nice little town consisting of 6,443 residents and a great school system has received a lot of negative press lately.

Elizabeth Gorski, a member of the Board of Selectmen allegedly abused her position by bullying members of the Groveland Police Department by threatening to not renew their contracts if they didn’t reinstate her son, who is a Groveland police officer and was on paid administrative leave.

There are three candidates on the ballot for Board of Selectmen and Election Day is May 6. One of them is Kathleen Greaney. Apparently, she thinks the Groveland voters are stupid and won’t know that her brother Donald currently serves on the Board of Selectmen because she doesn’t use her first name on her signs.

Another candidate is Anthony Dalton, whose wife has a grievance against the town as discussed at a selectmen’s meeting on Dec. 17. Apparently, according to her attorney they are looking for “solution with a monetary component.”

There are 4,674 registered voters in Groveland and last election only 26 percent voted. That means 3,459 stayed home and that is the reason why our current elected officials keep getting re-elected. They feel a sense of ownership and they operate like it is their town, not our town.

The other candidate is Joe D’Amore. He is the breath of fresh air this town needs. Please vote for D’Amore on May 6. Let’s take our town back.

John Lennon