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April 12, 2013

Sound Off

Tax hikes

Every citizen and voter in the Merrimack Valley and Massachusetts should be calling their local representatives, senators, the governor and the speaker of the House and Senate president to protest these tax increases. Do it now before it is too late.

Oliver’s fate

I am glad that Oliver the dog has been released, but his dilemma continues. My heart breaks when I think of separating him from his family. The right thing to do here is for the family of the child who was bitten to extend a hand of friendship and allow this family pet to remain at home. Keep him tied or fenced, don’t bring the girl over there and make sure those rules are followed. Buy a very secure pen for him, but let him stay with his family. Come on people, this situation is an example of overreaction. I am very sorry the girl was bitten, but she fell on him and he was tied up. End of story — give the dog a chance.


I have been a physical education instructor in Massachusetts at the elementary level for 12 years. I also have a master’s degree in physical education and I was a former varsity girls basketball coach. My background, experience and knowledge of dodgeball goes back to when I was in elementary school, as well as my days as a teacher. When most think of dodgeball, they think of those big, red, jelly balls we had when we were kids. When you got hit with one of those, it hurt. The balls used, or that should be used, today are made from yarn or a foam called tough skin balls. They cannot cause injury. There are tremendous skills that can be taught during dodgeball. Running, jumping, crawling, throwing and catching skills are used. Agility, hand-eye coordination and flexibility are a must for the game. The problem with society today is that the minority, instead of the majority, get to play their hand first when it comes to trying to change or disrupt an issue. Until people really realize that the minority is usually wrong and takes a stand, nothing will be done.

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