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April 12, 2013

Sound Off


Thatcher legacy

The person who said Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were two of a kind is completely right. They both loved their countries and saved them from complete economic collapse. I’m sure you are one of the “low information voters” who thinks Obama is wonderful. The real unemployment rate is 14.7 percent if you count all the people that have given up looking for a job. Wow, what a successful president! Also, the stock market is being supported by the government printing $85 billion a month and buying securities. This can’t be sustained.


Has there ever been a candidate for Senate as bad as Ed Markey? He has the nerve to brag about his work in telecommunications? Because of that “work” we now have cable monopolies who are gouging us on pricing, while delivering less content and service. Have you looked at your cable bill lately? Thank goodness he is not working on jobs, or unemployment might be over 20 percent.

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