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October 11, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Traffic rules

I’m calling about the traffic circle in West Methuen: Why is it that people don’t understand that you don’t cross solid white lines? If people follow the lanes in the rotary, then traffic flows very smoothly. If people don’t follow the lanes, then traffic doesn’t flow smoothly. We need more police out there to inform people about the rules of the rotary and solid white lines.

No leaders

Do me a favor: Refer to them as senators, congressmen, representatives. But please, do not refer to today’s politicians as leaders. Today’s politicians couldn’t lead themselves into a pair of pants.


Mayor Lantigua had time to be with the people for the brides’ parade that their people run. However, he never attends anything or answers any questions about the city or the goings-on of everything he is responsible for. That is his job. He is the mayor of Lawrence, but he never acts like it.

Obama will win

About the presidential election: I think Obama is going to win. If you look at Obama’s family, he really looks like a family man, and that kind of stuff goes a long way. I feel that Obama will be our next president.


They came out with new tickets for the lottery. I don’t see people winning. I’m not saying that we have to win every day and I’m not saying that we have to win big amounts of money, but it seems as though they just keep taking.


Enough is enough. If all that they can find on Warren is that she said she had a Native American background to get into colleges, then let’s look at who’s in there and who is running against her. He’s far worse than her. If that’s the worst we have to pick from, then I don’t think that’s bad at all. And she has said that she does come from a Native American background and that her parents had to run away and get married. She answered the question. I think it’s really ludicrous. Enough is enough.


This is in regard to school vouchers: Mitt Romney wants to give school vouchers to help people who have children in poorly performing school districts. The truth of the matter is that the poorly performing schools come from the poorer neighborhoods and the inner city. Even if we give them a voucher, they have to have the money to pay the difference for private school tuition. Here, in our area, tuition ranges anywhere from $4,000 annually in a religious school to $13,000 for pre-kindergarten at a private school in Andover. Before we cheer on the vouchers, we had better remember that it’s still going to be a kick-back rebate for the wealthy who can afford to pay the difference, not the poor children from poor families.


The Red Sox got what they deserved — last place. They never gave Bobby Valentine a chance and they showed themselves to be the truly classless losers that they really are.

Vote Obama

I get $10,000 a year in Social Security and I receive $50 a month in food stamps. I have to admit that President Obama has had a hand in all of these things and he has really helped the poor people. I say, give him a vote.