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October 12, 2012

Sound Off

Left lane

Regarding speeding and those who travel in the left-lane: I’m over 65 and from New Hampshire. Maybe you’ve noticed the signs that say keep out of the left lane unless passing, but you probably can’t see them because they’re on the right hand side of the road. And you’re probably blocking the second lane from the left, as most New Hampshire drivers do, on a two- or three-lane road. And you’re probably three lanes of traffic off when you have to get off at your exit. By the way, you can get a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic.

Unemployment rate

Well, of course the unemployment rate dropped. In September, the schools are open. Teachers and janitors went back to work. A lot of people went back to work with the schools opening all over the country.

Whose pocket?

This is to the person who said that the cover-up continues regarding the attacks in Libya and how The Eagle-Tribune is right in Obama’s back pocket: You know that’s not true. The Eagle-Tribune is a backer of Mitt Romney; it’s in everything you read in this paper, everything on the editorial page. Tell that person to wake up.

Calm and honest

Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are all fantasy stories which are written about. Native Americans didn’t write things down because they honestly respected life. Elizabeth Warren is very calm and honest.

No work

They said the unemployment rate went down. It went down because a lot of people can no longer collect and there are hundreds of people looking for the same work. There’s not enough work out there. They said people have given up. Not really, I’ve been unemployed since the beginning of the year. I have looked and tried and gone everywhere. I collected for six months. Now they’ve put me on one extension and pretty soon, that’s going to be gone, too. And of course, the lovely Republicans voted for no more extensions, so there’s no help for the people who have worked all of their lives and when they go to collect for the first time, they get a kick in the butt. There are no jobs out there. I don’t care who the president is, but they’ve got to turn everything around because it’s not fair.

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