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October 14, 2012

Your view: Letters to the editor

Clinton will take fall for Libya disaster

To the editor:

On Oct. 2, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform sent a letter to Hillary Clinton citing 13 recent incidents, with conclusions about the events in Libya on Sept. 11. Two conclusions were that killings of four Americans were planned and that at-risk Americans had asked repeatedly for more security. The letter was signed by Chairperson Darrell Issa, with copies to Democrats Elijah Cummings and John Tierney. There are 22 Republicans and 17 Democrats on the committee.

As of Oct. 9, not one Democrat has questioned Issa’s writing, sent on letterhead that included all Committee members’ names. Their silence leads one to believe that facts and conclusions of that letter are solid.

Clinton is asked specifically to indicate whether her headquarters knew of the incidents mentioned. Her response sidestepped that request and stated that the matter is under review in a State Department that she assures will cooperate. She wrote that the aim is to do things “quickly,” but with a mind to “accuracy.” I agree with all who have interpreted that as: “after the election.”

With incompetents whose greatest skills lie in the area of covering up for their inadequacies, one is always trying to put things together. My own view is that Clinton’s State Department and Clinton herself are being offered up by the Obama administration as the faces of failure for the debacles of Sept. 11, 2012.

On the CBS evening news of Oct. 8, Special Forces Colonel Andrew Wood, who arrived in Libya in February as the head of a 16-member team of counterterrorism experts, was interviewed. Wood reported his immediate observations that there were “battles between militias”, “shootings” and “increasing dangers.” He said that our murdered ambassador had expressed great concern and that numerous pleas for increased security were denied. Also noted was their receiving pressures from “higher headquarters at the State Department” to decrease security. In fact, the words “State Department” were mentioned 11 times by Wood’s interviewer, anchor Scott Pelley and by Wood. The names of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were no part of the piece.

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