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October 16, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Broken promise

I saw that police patrolmen in Methuen will be in line for a 10 percent raise next summer under a new contract proposal. Absolutely ridiculous. Who gets a 10 percent increase on any salary, except maybe if you were a CEO of a big company? Mayor Zanni promised us that if he was elected, then he would trim city government; that he would put a hold on raises; that he would cut taxes for Methuen homeowners and businesses. Mayor Zanni, I read your proposal and all of the wonderful things that you were going to do. Giving raises and bonuses is absolutely not in line with what you promised us. Be careful, Mayor Zanni. You’re going to be up for re-election and I know a lot of people who will say you didn’t do what you promised.

Romney will lose

I would just like to make a prediction: Mitt Romney will lose by the largest margin in history. And the Republican Party will be reduced to a fraction of what it is now. And the independents will fill in the difference over the next four years. I think the manner in which Romney is conducting himself and the campaign is less than favorable for the average voter. I think that there are more average voters than there are uppity people.

Animal abuse

I cried when I read about the poor dog that was nearly starved to death and the other dog that was dead and put in a trash bag. Animals are God’s creatures and should never have to suffer as these dogs did. The owner had an iPhone and was well groomed; she could have bought dog food. If you are going to have an animal, you must take care of it. I hope she gets jail time; animal abuse has to stop and until we toughen the laws and enforce them, animals will continue to suffer at the hands of humans. What a tragedy! This person should be so ashamed!

City jobs

If Haverhill has all these jobs people can do to reduce their tax debt, how about letting people on welfare do the jobs so they can pay their debt to the taxpayers? I’m surprised the unions are going along with the mayor’s scenario of having nonunion workers work for the city.


Watching the vice presidential debate, one thing became very clear: Joe Biden is a typical Democrat. Be rude, laugh at your opponent, interrupt your opponent, basically be a playground bully to anyone who doesn’t hold your point of view of things. His behavior was shameful.

Peace prize

After giving awards to a president who escalated a war, and now to the European Union, the organization that will have all of Europe in austerity riots, it is time to for Nobel Peace Prize committee to disband.

Stop raises

Are the Methuen City Councilors awake? Who is getting 10 percent raises these days? What’s the point of cutting some of the bonuses? The police have been getting inordinate raises and it’s time for it to stop — especially in these times! Time to bring these numbers back to reality!

Early Christmas

I am already sick of Christmas commercialism. It is not even Halloween yet and the stores are playing Christmas music and trees and decorations are out. I remember when Christmas was not advertised until after Thanksgiving.