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October 28, 2012

Editorial: Brown is an independent voice for Massachusetts

If one could pick up the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren Senate race and drop it in virtually any other state in the nation, it wouldn’t even be close. Brown would be winning going away.

But, this being Massachusetts, some polls show the Democrat Warren with a lead over the incumbent Republican Brown.

In Massachusetts, a Democrat can get away with a multitude of sins — such as claiming in academic references to be a Native American without any proof of that ancestry, or purporting to have represented the interests of workers while serving as attorney for a big insurer involved in asbestos litigation, or suggesting that a married man with two daughters is a dangerous enemy of women. One could even get away with plagiarizing recipes for a cookbook.

In Massachusetts, some folks will believe just about anything — if it comes from a Democrat.

Fortunately, there are also many in Massachusetts who are tired of being bamboozled, hoodwinked and harangued by this state’s Democratic leaders. They’re tired of having their pockets picked for one Democratic cause after another. They’re sick of being told by their “betters” to pipe down and know their place. They’re tired of one-party rule in the state where democracy was born.

We’re tired of it, too. We hope Massachusetts residents will join us in supporting Scott Brown for U.S. Senate.

Brown, against all expectations, was elected in a January 2010 special election following the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy. Since then, Democrats have been desperate to return the seat to the party’s fold.

Brown, in his two years-plus in Washington has been an effective senator and has served the interests of Bay State residents well. He has been driven not by ideology but by a desire to do what he believes is right for the citizens of his state. An elected representative has no higher duty, and Brown has performed it honorably.

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