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October 31, 2012

Sound Off

Cold War foe

I just read the Sound Off from the ex-submariner who fumed about the fact that Russian submarines routinely take picture of the backs of U.S. ships. As an ex-submariner during the early days of Trident, I agree. In mid-August this year, a Russian attack submarine slipped into the Gulf of Mexico undetected and sailed through U.S. strategic waters for weeks without the Navy noticing. The revelation is part of a startling trend of Russian incursions as the former Cold War foe ramps up its military might under the leadership of Vladimir Putin.


I can’t get over how determined the Republicans are to hold President Obama responsible for the embassy attacks. What short memories they have! Where was all the outrage when we were attacked on our own soil on Sept. 11, 2001? Why weren’t they calling for President Bush and Vice President Cheney to resign for allowing that to happen, killing thousands of Americans!


I was talking to a friend last week and the subject of voting came up. When asked how they were voting the answer was: “Oh, I have to vote for the Democrats. That’s how my mother and father voted.” Wow. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. A true Massachusetts Democrat.

Another reason

Many of the letters to the editor have brought up good points on why President Obama should not be re-elected. I want to take just a moment to add one more. The president vows to reduce the deficit. This seems strange to me because it has been his policies that have raised the current deficit to its astronomical level. How can we believe that he will reduce the deficit? Please give this some thought before you vote.

Wide support

All of her Newburyport fellow city councilors endorse the candidacy of Kathleen O’Connor Ives for State Senator from the First Essex district. This unusual support comes about because they have worked with her and have seen her commitment to thorough research on every issue, as well as the intelligence and integrity she brings to their discussions. We can depend on her to continue to listen carefully to us and to vote responsibly in our best interests. Please vote for Kathleen O’Connor Ives on Nov. 6 and assure us of thoughtful and responsible representation.

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