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March 16, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Sequester

This whole budget and sequester thing is totally ridiculous. The president closes down the White House tours and cuts aid to Medicare but can put forth a budget that gives money for caviar, building robot squirrels, helping salmon to spawn, etc. The list goes on and on. It just shows the priorities the government has. To me, it shows how incompetent the president is. Slowly this country is going bankrupt. Remember what Osama bin Laden said: The United States will be destroyed from within. Wake up people to what is really going on.

Courtesy lost

What is the matter with people these days? Has the fast lane of life and modern technology made us so self-centered that we have forgotten there is a world around us? I remember after 9/11 when people were frightened, in shock. The common courtesies of life came back! People would stop to let you enter an intersection, let you ahead of them in line if you had a few items at the store. People were more civil, more caring. That attitude has far worn off. I once counted 27 cars that passed me while I sat with my blinker on just to enter my own street. Not one person would slow down or stop to let me enter. How much further are you going to get in a flash of a second extending courtesy? How about the rudeness of spending all your time twittering/texting on iPhones and gadgets while friends or family are sitting facing you? Look around a restaurant and notice how many people are actually interfacing instead of texting. It’s a “me first, all about me” era now and in reality, we are doing ourselves in. The almighty dollar rules and human beings are dissipating.

Flood wall

The city of Haverhill is spending $6 million to improve the flood wall that will protect homes and businesses along the Merrimack River. This work will also prevent the property owners’ flood insurance from increasing significantly. So why is the city also paying some property owners for access to repair the wall when the city is doing them a favor by raising the height and saving these same property owners money on insurance? Maybe the city should be assessing the owners a fee for doing the repairs if they are going to charge the city for access.


If you voted to support a casino in Salem, did you consider this? We live right next to a city that is poverty-ridden. How many of those residents will show up at the casino and lose their rent money? How many will then break into Salem homes? It might be a good idea to buy a home alarm system and a gun. Let’s name the casino the Maggie Hassan Fun Palace so no one will forget who brought this disaster to Salem.


We should have the Democrats and Republicans establish a conclave setting when dealing with the issues. All issues must be resolved or compromised or they don’t go home. They cannot stand each other so it will be done within 24 hours. I believe it would work.