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March 18, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Cruel world

To the vegetarian and those like him who talk of what they say are the cruel treatment of animals in zoos: You suggest they should be in their natural habit. I suggest you watch a show about Africa and see how cruel nature really is — eaten alive, slow painful deaths while starving to death, picked at by vultures, their offspring eaten. A zoo is cruel?

Great letter

I read the letter about Joey written by Christopher Spanks a few times and every time I do it brings tears to my eyes. Christopher, I cannot wait to see you and honk and wave like crazy! I feel that you are a wonderful guy! Thank you!

Dollar coins

I would like to point out that you misidentified the coin being used in the coin toss to decide the next Sandown town treasurer. You called it a Sacagawea dollar. From the enlargement of the hand holding the coin, I can tell it is a 2007 George Washington presidential dollar. And by the way, the Sacagawea golden dollar is now called the Native American dollar. It would make a good story how people in the United States hate the dollar coins. The Mint tried several ways to get people to spend them. No luck. They would have to do away with the paper dollar for that to happen.

Honest worker

Last week I was shopping at the Market Basket at Rivers Edge Plaza in Haverhill. I was in a rush that day and I loaded my groceries in the van and after pushing the cart to its proper place I hopped in my car and headed home. It was several hours later when I was heading out again that I could not find my purse. I called Market Basket and was told that one of the young men who pushes the carts from the lot to the store had found the purse and turned it in to the customer service booth. What a relief. I went to pick it up and wanted to leave something for the person who was so honest but was refused. They stated that is their job. I came home with a light heart knowing there are still so many honest people in the world. Thank you to the young man who was so honest.

Sick of paying

How dare Gov. Patrick want more money from our pockets when there are people working for him earning $200,000 a year who don’t show up to work. To make matters worse he has one who resigns and he will continue to pay her for two months. Never mind that she gets vacation and sick time as well. It was only when a local newspaper exposed this woman did it become public. We, who work and are struggling every day, are sick and tired of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for these who do nothing. We will remember those who vote for Patrick’s budgets at the polls. He may not be running again, but those who vote for all these taxes will.


I am beyond disgusted with the way Wes Welker was treated by the Patriots. The man gave his all for six years, came back early from a knee injury and was allegedly going to be saved by Brady’s taking a lower salary. They knew all along they wouldn’t offer him enough for him to stay. Shame on the Pats and on Tom Brady who says he is heart broken at Welker’s leaving.