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March 24, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


The voucher program pays for education, not religious education, but if Trinity High is able to teach science, math, history, English, art, French and the revealed truths of the Catholic faith for the same amount of money as the Manchester public schools spend on teaching all those things except a religious education, why should the taxpayers and voters of New Hampshire care?

Lest we forget, most religions teach things like forgiveness; honoring your parents; prohibitions against murder, stealing, adultery, bearing false witness or envy; “love thy neighbor as thy self;” and many other nifty things that surely we want our kids to grow up believing.

As a matter of basic freedom and true tolerance, parents, the vast majority of whom are citizen-taxpayers, should be allowed by our government to choose the schools, religious or secular, that their children will attend and to use taxpayer money to pay for it.

Michael Christian


New Hampshire can to better than casinos

To the editor:

There is greatness in the people of New Hampshire. It is such a unique and beautiful place. Yes, there are problems, but it is a beacon of energy, community and positive culture.

There appears to be a lot of immediate reasons to be for casinos and many reasons which are not so immediate to be against making gambling more a part of the local culture. This is a plea to keep the light burning brightly on the things which makes the Granite State unique and beautiful — and not commit to policies that will change the local quality of life.

New Hampshire, you can do better than to rely on casinos for revenue. Please don’t let the legacy of the “Old Man in the Mountain” be “the Casino in Salem.”

Michael D. Schroth


Thanks for service to the community

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