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March 26, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Debt to China

I was just wondering why are we so heavily in debt to China yet about everything we buy is made in China. Doesn’t this count for something. Also, I just read the percentage of people in India that live in squalor in the slums and I also read in another item that the percentage of billionaires in India has also gone up. Sounds familiar.

Student honors

As long as we’re canceling a night to honor students who have worked hard to achieve academic success and followed their parents’ and teachers’ sound advice, why don’t we just cancel all the sports banquets held to honor student achievement on the playing field, too? With a little effort we could destroy all the motivation they possess to succeed. Are we all nuts or is it just the school administrators?


The sequester is a joke and Obama is acting like a child because he can’t have it his way and keep growing government. So to punish us, he shut down the White House to the public. But if you want to contribute $500,000 to “Organizing for Action”, which is the new name for Obama’s campaign fund, you can have a personal tour.

Tired of paying

I am 74 years old. I have been working for 54 years contributing to taxes and everything else that is required to receive a pay. Why is it the American taxpayers are always responsible for the debt of others – illegal immigrants’ health care, Congress and the Senate’s spending, White House gala house parties, personal trips on Air Force One by our president costing millions of dollars for the taxpayer? How about Congress and the Senate cutting their pay, their perks and all the other gifts they receive for free. Medicare is taxed, Social Security is in jeopardy, Medicaid is in jeopardy. Why is it that the most vulnerable have to pay the expense? I paid into Social Security for years and I expect it every month. The government should look at illegal aliens coming into this country and getting all kinds of freebies at our expense.

What’s fair?

Regarding the caller “Tax the Rich”: I guess I don’t get it. So raising taxes on someone else is going to make the IRS not audit you because you tried to not pay your fair share? Who decides what a “fair share” is anyway” Why increase any taxes on anyone anyway? I agree with Romney somewhat — there are folks on the dole. Not all Medicare and Social Security recipients — we who paid into those and only those who did are entitled to them. Those who don’t work, don’t want to work and never contributed a dime in taxes and Social Security or have come to this country illegally to be given government assistance immediately and the people who support them through their vote, are the problem. Being jealous that someone has more than you is not a good reason to make some people pay more and won’t fix the problem. The government, both local and federal, has to stop taking our money and giving it away to those who haven’t earned it themselves.