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March 26, 2013

Letter: Easter is a time for self-examination

To the editor:

As Christians throughout the world begin to celebrate the most important and holiest days of the secular year, a few things come to mind.

The word “passion” means to suffer. The Lord’s Passion shows us the pain and suffering and, most important, His resurrection, our Savior had endured so that we may have life eternal. The cross He bore and was placed upon has shown us the love He has for each and every human being in existence. Whether we hear or ignore His call, He is open and wants us closer to Him. We just need to answer His call. There are occurrences in our everyday life that prove that His love is enduring and never-ending. How can we respond? Do we respond? What do I do that helps one carry the cross that a relative or friend endures?

Our mortal existence, is shaded with material objects and hence, blocks our ability to see and experience the real beauty that our Savior offers. Think about the sin and clutter in your life and see if this blocks your ability to relish in the more important part of your life that will bring eternal happiness and joy.

As we celebrate the appointment of our new Pope Francis, realize that it is a new start for him during this week and can be a new start for us. Christ’s mercy and forgiveness can lead us back and bring us closer to Him. Today, we live in a troubled world with abortion, abuse, crime, and corruption. Are you the “light” to someone dealing with one of these issues?

Please consider attending the Holy Week Triduum at one our local churches.

It’s a start of a wonderful journey that promises many gifts and graces. Though, like any journey, there are difficult experiences, but a closer relationship to our Guide will make the mountains seem like mole hills.

Have you considered take that first step on this journey? What better time than now to lace up your shoes and experience the true joy that Easter brings. Act now as your salvation is at hand.

Happy Easter and God bless.

Brian Durkin


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