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June 28, 2013

Sound Off


Shame, shame

This is to all the ignorant voters who chose an old man who has been in politics way too long over a man who signed his life away as a blank check to protect the USA, a Navy SEAL. Markey is one of the liberals who give people all kinds of government benefits so they do not have to work. They say they want change but vote in the same old, same old. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

Ed’s unfortunate win

Ed Markey He won because Democrats give handouts and rarely do the job they were elected to do. Mr. Gomez is more of a patriot than Markey could ever be because he never wavered about changing our broken government and working for the people. In 37 years what has Markey really achieved? Except a big fat pension for himself, like most politicians in Washington from the very top down!

How foolish

To “No free rides”: The president shouldn’t use Air Force One to fly on vacation? The Secret Service would never ever let the president fly any other way.

Hope and change

So if being obese is an illness, shouldn’t weight loss programs and workout centers be covered by MassHealth or other insurance? And what about Social Security disability? Obama is taking down the United States by most of things he’s doing. Are we happy now?

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