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December 22, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Don’t be offended

I’m a Jew and I have been wished a “Merry Christmas” at least 100 times this season. I smile and say thank you and wish them a “Merry Christmas” in return. No offense taken; I understand the sentiment and appreciate it. On the flip side, when someone wishes you a “Happy Holiday,” simply say “Thank you” and return the kind words. Don’t take offense if, in the multitudes of Christmas wishes, once in a while “Christmas” isn’t mentioned. It’s the thought that counts.

Let us pray

I watch every Methuen City Council meeting. This past Monday, I was offended having to watch a councilor read a prayer off her telephone. Thankfully, another councilor had the wherewithal to ask for a moment of silence for the Sandy Hook victims. I recommend that in the future, if a member of the clergy is not available for the invocation, the council stick to a moment of silence.

Life is good

Rex Ryan and the Jets are out of playoff contention, the Lakers are reeling, the Giants and Cowboys are reeling, and crybaby cheater ARod is out for the first half of the upcoming season. The sports gods are good.

Gun rules

No one in the general public needs to have a high-powered or high-capacity gun. The police should never be overpowered on the streets in a gun fight. All gun owners should have their weapons in a safe and have trigger locks on them.

The equalizer

I would caution people to not rush to judgement on new gun laws. The facts still show that in places where guns are legal people are safer. I personally don’t own or have a gun in my home because I don’t think I need one. But for people that may not feel that they can protect themselves guns are the great equalizer. What else can a 110-pound woman do to fend off a 200-plus-pound male intruder? Sure assault rifles are nuts and they should be banned, but guns meant for personal safety need to be protected.

They’re protected

President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg don’t have to worry if a law is going to protect them or their families, they both have people that carry guns protecting them.

Guns and drugs

I think we should make it illegal for people to own guns. Just think of how well that works for illegal drugs!

The penalty

Every state in the union must require a background check, not allow gun shows or over-the-counter sales. And if supposedly responsible gun owners are found to have unsecured weapons that result in a crime, the penalty should be loss of licence, 15 years mandatory jail,and loss of property to pay for state custody of minors.