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December 23, 2012

Your View: Letters to the editor

Take time to celebrate the reason for the season

To the editor:

The news of late has been very bleak. We have the tragic loss of life and innocence at the Sandy Point School. In Washington, the politicians are wrangling over the “fiscal cliff.” Even closer to home, a police officer was nearly killed breaking up a drunken brawl and there were people fighting in mall parking lots over parking spaces.

Soon this country will be celebrating Christmas, marking the birthday of Jesus, born in Bethlehem

over 2,000 years ago, the Son of God made incarnate. He offered the people in the land of Palestine a message of hope and peace.

May I offer a simple suggestion? Take time to reflect upon what that message was, take time to hug

your kids, smile at the nitwit that took your parking space and also take time to open your heart to God. Go to the religious services offered by your faith this season. Get to know your pastor, minister or rabbi on a first name-basis. If you step back and look at the people committing violent crimes, how many of them did so after attending a religious service?

Merry Christmas.

Robert Bruder


We must buy back semi-automatics, not just ban them

To the editor:

In the wake of the massacre in Newtown, Conn., everyone is talking about new gun laws. President Obama questions the adequacy of current gun laws to keep our children safe. Most people agree that something must be done. Some believe, in light of the frequency of such massacres and the horror of the latest, that a tipping point has been reached and they hope for a law that will actually save lives.

In the meantime, whether out of fear for their safety or concern that a ban on semi-automatic assault rifles such as the AR-15 is inevitable, people in droves are buying up such guns. Dealers are running out of inventory.

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