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December 27, 2012

Letter: Court must focus on equal rights in gay marriage case

To the editor:

Proceeding at an adagio pace, the Supreme Court will, however, eventually rule on the rights of gay Americans to enter the bonds of marriage. If we consider that America is the promoter of basic human rights, the decision should be a given.

First, homosexuality is not a choice but a circumstance of birth. Being attracted to the same sex is a repulsion to heterosexuals but a natural affinity for those whose sexuality takes a different direction. The answer as to why some are born that way is as elusive as trying to understand why some are born left-handed.

A simple but unproven explanation can be that sexuality is a continuum from total femininity to the most masculine male, and simply stated, the balance of hormones can deviate and go completely awry in certain individuals. A study of identical twin boys, with one wanting to play with trucks and other manly toys, while the other was interested only in dolls and other girlish pursuits, clearly revealed tendencies at an early age.

But the Supreme Court should take into consideration one thing only: equal rights under the law. All else is not applicable. First, gays are cohabiting and have been for years anyway, and there is no way that gay marriage intrudes in anyway on traditional marriage. A 50-percent divorce rate reveals that conventional marriages are self-destructive in some instances and are unaffected by gay marriages.

As a practical matter, commitments between gays can have salubrious results, both in elimination of promiscuity that can result in the contraction of STDs and the fact that often a gay couple will adopt children that are unwanted. Yes, a mother and father comprise the ideal; but two loving males or females are better than a single mom who is struggling to earn a living and simultaneously bringing up children.

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