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December 27, 2012

Sound Off

Stray cats

Why do people allow their cats to roam free outdoors? Yes, it is their nature. But not in today’s world. It is too dangerous. There is no nature left to speak of for animals. I think it is cruel and uncaring to endanger your cat to the cruelties of today’s lifestyle. People poison and torture them, they get hit by cars, they are attacked by predators. And other cats that have not been inoculated or neutered also allowed out will fight as they are territorial. Thus you have an injured or sick cat to pay high vet bills for. I think there should be a law to fine these cat owners if they allow cats to roam free and untagged and not inoculated. If you love your pets, take care of them properly. If you are that lazy and do not want to be bothered offering love and attention and health care, then don’t get them.

NRA plan

Oh, great. The NRA wants to put an armed guard in every school. They had better give him a suit of armor because any nut who wants to shoot up the place will shoot him first and then have no competition. Of course, the NRA will then recommend a solution using still more guns. What else?

Young drivers

Thank God nobody was killed when a 17-year-old driving too fast caused a head-on collision in Methuen. If this were a senior citizen driving, the senior-citizen haters would be in up in arms crying for all kinds of senior citizen driver testing and retesting, pulling all the seniors off the roads, taking their licenses and adding other senior restrictions. But a 17-year-old driver, going too fast with passengers and there’s not word from the senior haters. I hope you all got coal in your stockings.

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