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December 31, 2012

Sound Off


Kudos to Taylor Armerding in last Sunday’s paper. While I don’t condone the killing of the innocents in Newtown, Conn., I have to also condemn the killing of innocent fetuses and babies that are born after a botched abortion outside the womb. Where is the outrage by everyone, including politicians and the media against NARAL and Planned Parenthood? According to statistics, 1.2 million babies are aborted every year by inhumane methods. Until science can unequivocally prove beyond any doubt that is not a life then abortion should be stopped. I also would like to see a law passed that no more than eight rounds be permitted in any weapon.

Keeping track

I’m glad to hear Methuen police Chief Solomon is keeping track of how much money is owed him. My question is: How much money does he owe the people of Methuen? What about the $171,000 in grant money? How much of the city’s money did his family pocket in the marine equipment fiasco? What about using city officers and resources for surveillance on his sister’s house? We are keeping track as well, Chief Solomon. Thanks for your service!


Why, with the recent tragedy in Newtown, are people running out and buying guns and then bragging about it on social networks? I, for one, don’t want to know who owns a gun and who doesn’t. But I do think that if that young man didn’t have a gun he wouldn’t have been able to kill those innocent children and their teachers.


When a TV “reporter” has to stick a ruler in a few inches of snow live on camera, in New England, in late December, I think “journalism” has hit rock bottom. I covered the Blizzard of ’78 as a news photographer, and never in 40 years did I miss a day’s work because of weather. The media has become “reality TV.” I think it’s all part of the wussification of America!

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