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December 31, 2012

Sound Off



When dining at a restaurant, if children behind you in a booth annoy you to the point that you stare at them every time they move, then maybe you should request a table. Children are not perfect, they are also not statues or an inconvenience. Complaining to the waitress and getting a 20-percent discount was just tacky.


There were two articles in the paper I found interesting. First was the college kid arrested for wearing a gun belt to school. His father is outraged and said his reputation has been ruined. I suspect a get-rich-quick scheme here by a large lawsuit. The other story was in Portland. A young man carrying a loaded gun and was seen all around town with it. He called it his Second Amendment right and there was no arrest. These two young men achieved what they wanted — to get their name in the paper. They knew it would work doing something outrageous right after a shooting tragedy.

Go figure

In the ultra-liberal state of Hawaii, the governor appoints another white guy to a Senate vacancy. Meanwhile, in the ultra-conservative state of South Carolina, the Indian governor appoints the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction to fill its vacancy. Go figure.

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