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January 5, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Divisive

Liz Warren’s behavior in her swearing in ceremony was disgraceful, inappropriate, and classless but nevertheless it was in keeping with the divisive mentally of the liberal Democrats. Instead of giving a speech to bring us all together and stress the importance of working together, she had to degrade Scott Brown and the Republican Party — all this coming from a member of a party of tolerance. What a joke. That’s why we will never come together as a people — because of the total hypocrisy and deception of the Democratic Party.


Was it just me or does Newton, N.H., like to spend all our tax money instead of giving it back to the people? The attitude is: If we don’t spend it we lose it. Anyone else notice another brand new vehicle for the Fire Department? We didn’t vote on it. I found out the Fire Department had enough money in the budget to pay for it.


I read Matthew May’s column in Tuesday’s paper but sorry he’s unqualified to be the senator from Massachusetts. He hasn’t been investigated, he’s not under indictment, hasn’t been convicted of cheating the public, hasn’t cheated others by claiming he’s something he’s not and hasn’t had anyone from his family convicted while he sat clueless. The teachers unions won’t back him and I doubt the police and firefighters unions will either — although I bet he would get support of the membership of those unions. The sheeple of Massachusetts will never approve or elect him. He stand for what is right and doesn’t follow the party line. Maybe he can move to a state that supports that kind of candidate.


In a few more days or so the Whittier school is losing a fine teacher and a real gentleman to retirement. After many years he is getting what he has earned in full retirement. Good bye, Mr. J, and may you enjoy many years of leisure. If you head south for a few months, don’t forget to take your golf clubs. I know you would never forget them. Good bye and good luck.


Well, Colorado is so proud that they passed the law to make marijuana legal so now you can smoke it. Our country is getting another freedom we don’t need. It seems very strange during these times when they go out of their way to advertise for people to give up smoking. We all know that is bad enough but when they OK marijuana, there will be a percentage that will go on to something stronger and then they will be hooked for sure. You can take that to the bank.

Needs reminding

Next time you hear Obama speak, count the number of times he uses the work “I.” He should be reminded that the Constitution established three equal branches of government — legislative, judicial and the executive. That means he does not have the constitutional right to write executive orders to either override Congress or create laws that Congress has failed to pass.


I just received my property tax bill from the city of Methuen. Thanks for another year of wasting my money. It’s hard to believe it costs more than $100 a week in real estate taxes just to live in this town. I certainly don’t receive that much in return. I can only imagine what I would be paying if it weren’t for so many frivolous lawsuits and mismanagement of money.