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January 8, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Guns and abortion

Both guns and abortion are legal. In the United States each year, millions of babies are aborted. Even at a conservative 1 million abortions per year, that works out to 2,739 dead babies each day, equal to 114 dead babies per hour. Gun deaths, recorded by the CDC as of 2010 figures, stand at 31,076 per year. That number includes: homicides, suicides, and accidental gun deaths combined. That is 85 gun deaths per day, equal to three gun deaths per hour. So we have 114 aborted dead babies per hour verses three gun deaths per hour. Watching people and the government scramble to ban guns over the death of 20 children, yet overlooking more than 50 million dead babies since Roe v. Wade seems to be par for the course for this nation of ours. We scramble like crazy over the speck in the eye of our neighbor, but overlook the beam in our own eye. America must answer to God for its sins. The math is clear. If you really want to stop the senseless death of innocent children, get the beam of abortion out of your own eye first.

Promise broken

Well, just three days into 2013 and the promise of no tax increase on the middle class or for that matter any one who works for a living is gone. The payroll tax is up 2 percent. Yes, Social Security is a tax and any change upward is a tax increase. Where is the outcry from those who voted for the man promising no tax increases for those families making less than $250,000? Where is Liz Warren? She should be fighting for us any day now! Oh, that’s right. It’s George Bush’s fault!


Has anyone else seen a robin or was it just a poor little stray bird that lost its way? He was in a tree on a low branch, very visible, chirping away early this morning, at my home in Methuen. What a pleasant greeting! Can spring be far away?


So, his highness Lantigua is going for re-election. If the good people of Lawrence re-elect him, they deserve everything they get. Think before you vote.

Welfare fraud

So there are 19,000 welfare recipients just in Massachusetts who are a little bit missing! How many are there in the other states? Is there anyone, anywhere who takes this seriously and is trying to do something about it? And does anyone really wonder why we don’t have any faith in the people who are running things, when our Gov. Deval Patrick doesn’t seem to think this is an issue that needs to be addressed? This is also coming after the welfare card scandal where they documented that drug dealers were receiving food stamps. When will this end?

Bang for buck

I hope City Councilor Jeanne Pappalardo knows that her job is to be on the lookout for the people of Methuen and get them the best bang for their buck! She should not be more concerned with keeping every single city employee, especially if they are no longer needed.