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January 10, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Pay cut

Hey, Democrats! Have you looked at your first paycheck this year? Did you notice the 2 percent cut? Oh, you didn’t know your president was going to let the Social Security rates go up? This is the same president who said there would be no tax increases for people making under $250,000.

Special interests

The first rule that every American should realize is this: Government can do nothing competently; the private sector can. If a business can’t provide goods or a service well, the business will go under and another better one will emerge. This is Economics 101. Government when it fails just decides that it hasn’t thrown enough of your tax dollars at the problem and creates more bureaucracy and regulation. The other purpose of government is to protect special interest groups. That is why the U.S. tax code is nearly 72,000 pages long and growing. The same is true at all levels of government. In Methuen, it is the duty of the City Council to protect its special interest group — the unions — at all cost. If the mayor came up with a $1 million savings over a two-week period by privatization, the council would vote it down. Every member knows that the unions put him in place, not the voters.


The mayor and Methuen City Council should look at communities like Sandy Springs, Ga., or Maywood, Calif. These communities have saved taxpayers millions of dollars privatizing services as compared to having municipal union workers. Mayor Zanni, don’t stop with the IT Department.


It was with great amusement that I watched my colleagues, most of whom voted for Obama, open their first paychecks of the new year last Friday. To their shock and surprise, their checks were smaller. I asked: “Did you really think Obama was only going to raise taxes on the rich? I tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen.” Oh well, you know what they say: A fool and his money are soon parted.

More to come

Were you surprised by the reduction in your first paycheck of 2013? Thanks to President Obama — and he’s just getting started with more yet to come. What on earth were those of you who voted for him thinking? Or, were you?

Low expectations

Mr. Atwood and Mr. Sapienza, please do not count on the city to do the right thing. They have not been doing things right since Lantigua got elected. There has to be a higher power to help. From the good people in Lawrence, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Fix fraud

On a recent news program, once again State Treasurer Steve Grossman brought up the loss of an estimated $387 million due to the lack of a sales tax on Internet sales. Although I’m opposed, I’d have no problem accepting it — but only after he showed the same concern and took steps to fix the $287 million tuition freebie for illegal aliens, the improper use of EBT cards, entitlement program fraud, and I’m sure a few other things that contribute to the loss of taxpayer dollars.

Follow instructions

For Massachusetts drivers the registration sticker goes in the top right hand corner of the license plate. I’ve seen many license plates with numerous stickers all over. It does not matter if you vehicle was registered two, four or six years ago. Some people can’t follow the simplest directions.