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January 15, 2013

Letter: Arms and freedom go hand in hand


The statement closes with “particularly for military supplies.” I would imagine that this comment will promote great debate. Are military supplies for the free people as a whole, or are they for the individual free person. I do not find the answer here; I can only suggest my thoughts. I believe that the free people as a whole need to promote those military supplies that protect the free people from outsiders which threaten a free people. The free person needs to promote those military supplies, which protect the free people from the insiders, which chose to diminish the free peoples safety and interests.

These words are those of a leader in a time of great turmoil. Within a divided country, great discussion existed as to the need for dependency and the associated taxation.

At the time, laws were implemented restricting military type supplies. An attempt by government forces to seize guns and ammunition from the people led to direct conflict. These actions resulted in neighbor turning on neighbor. Large numbers of the people moving away from their homes, seeking refuge in nearby countries. It pitted an insurgency against a greatest military power known to the world at the time.

The words spoken were in the First Annual Message of George Washington, Jan. 8, 1790.

Barry Mills


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