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January 15, 2013

Sound Off

Dog shot

I am an animal lover. Having said that, the owners of the dog that was shot by a neighbor have no one to blame but themselves. If they thought so much of their dog, they should have kept it under safe control out of harm’s way. I would never let my dog loose to get killed by a car, or otherwise.

Bait and switch

We independents and Republicans knew that Social Security was going up but your candidate said and I quote: “97 percent of American’s taxes will stay the same.” They are not the same. It’s the classic Obama bait and switch. I suggest you turn off Oprah, the View and David Letterman and watch real news like BBC America.

Revising history

Republicans are wasting no time revising history. This time it’s blaming Obama for ending the payroll tax cut. Their repetitive letters read like they came right out of the Fox “News” talking points. The reality is that the Republicans forced this in exchange for allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for the richest 1 percent. They cannot allow any tax increase for their rich patrons without making sure the working class is hit even harder. They also engage in double-speak and misdirection by claiming that the rich paid a higher proportion of total income taxes under the lower Bush rates than under Clinton’s higher rates. The reason for this is that income for the top 1% soared as corporate CEOs gave themselves ever more obscene bonuses while workers’ wages stagnated. We are paying attention and do have memories.

Debt limit

I see that President Obama is looking to raise the nation’s debt limit again. Somebody has to put a stop to this. Obama has run up more debt in four years than every president before him combined. Yes, that’s right. More debt than all of the previous 43 presidents combined. The public should be outraged. Instead, the sheeple just go along with this as long as they can continue to get free stuff. There is no such thing as a free lunch. And the Bush blame game is getting old. This country is in real trouble.

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