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January 19, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

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Republicans obstruct sensible gun control at their own peril. Given their recent election failure that resulted because they lost touch with the American people, they will only make their viability worse by obstructing needed gun controls. Empathetic Americans are measurably for changes in the gun world, and Americans will not forget the unthinkable event in Newtown, Conn., come 2016.

Snow removal

Here we are. It’s the middle of January and we’ve only got a few inches of snow so far this year. I’m sure the Methuen DPW is racking up the overtime for “snow and ice” removal. After last year, I can only imagine what it costs to deal with 3 inches of snow. Maybe the next time we get snow we can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more than every other city removing snow from the roofs of the schools. The Keystone Cops are in charge. Get out your checkbooks.

Fox in hen house

I see that the city of Methuen is going to name Sean Fountain as new chairman of the City Council. Just what we need — a public union employee running the show. That’s like giving the fox the keys to the hen house. Taxes will be going up again. Just like every year.

Commuter rail

Congratulations, Plaistow! You fought off the evils of public transportation by blocking a terrible commuter rail station and keeping the high-class charm of your town alive! You said a resounding “NO!” to that antithesis of prosperity which so plagues Washington Street in Haverhill. Now let’s see how you all change your tune in the future, when gas is $10 a gallon and you wish you had a cheaper way to commute to your jobs in the city.

Gun control

I heard the president speak about guns and I hope and pray that Congress will enact some measures to have checks in place and do away with assault weapons. The NRA is doing anything possible to fight President Obama. They published an ad attacking children and the president’s daughters. That is the worst thing they have done since it will infuriate many people. I do not like the idea that everyone should carry a gun since guns kill. We have had enough, and we will fight the NRA.

Plow drivers

I was shoveling out my elderly parents this morning in North Andover. The plow drivers had plowed us in with mounds of snow and slush out into the street about three feet. When a plow truck drove by with its plow down I asked if he could take some of the heavy stuff off the street in front of the drive. He politely said no and kept driving. If it is in the street isn’t it his job anyway?

Payroll tax

Why does The Eagle-Tribune keep printing Sound Offs about the 2 percent decrease in people’s paychecks and showing that these people think it is a tax hike. It is not a tax hike and the Tribune knows it. It is an adjustment to a “temporary” tax cut that was agreed to by the Democrats and the Republicans two years ago through negotiations and it is not today a tax hike. It is an adjustment back to what the FICA tax actually is.