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January 19, 2013

Sound Off


Plow drivers

I was shoveling out my elderly parents this morning in North Andover. The plow drivers had plowed us in with mounds of snow and slush out into the street about three feet. When a plow truck drove by with its plow down I asked if he could take some of the heavy stuff off the street in front of the drive. He politely said no and kept driving. If it is in the street isn’t it his job anyway?

Payroll tax

Why does The Eagle-Tribune keep printing Sound Offs about the 2 percent decrease in people’s paychecks and showing that these people think it is a tax hike. It is not a tax hike and the Tribune knows it. It is an adjustment to a “temporary” tax cut that was agreed to by the Democrats and the Republicans two years ago through negotiations and it is not today a tax hike. It is an adjustment back to what the FICA tax actually is.

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