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January 24, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — No discussion

This newspaper is so intensely focused on advancing its conservative agenda that it ignores reality. First, “conversation” takes two parties. While we liberals are advocating for sensible controls on assault weapons with high capacity ammunition cartridges, the gun lobby and its supporters have dug in their heels and scream that there will no discussion on this issue.

Out of touch

The president’s second inaugural address again proved how out of touch he is and his complete lack of wisdom. There was not a word about our out-of-control debt issues, not a word about his party’s complete ignorance on our bloated government, not a word about the economy, not a word about much needed entitlement reforms. Yet after spending the last 18-plus months demonizing the rich and anyone with a job he calls for unity. What a hypocrite.

No budget

If, and that’s a huge “if”, the GOP is able to not pay congressmen and women if they don’t pass a budget, it should also be set up that there will be no back pay for each day that the budget does not exist. It is the only thing that will get their attention enough to make them obey the law. It’s called “hit them in the pocketbook”, as they are so eager to do to us poor taxpayers who pay their salaries!


You have to hand it to the Democrats. I just finished watching the testimony of Hillary Clinton regarding Benghazi. Hillary has demonstrated quite well to follow in her husband Bill’s footsteps and what the Democratic Party is all about. Her distortion of the facts, her avoidance of some questions, excuses, lies, deception, false emotion and cover up were all quite remarkable and unbelievable. Those Democrats are certainly quite proficient and unsurpassed at deceiving and lying to the American people. However I was glad to see she has fully recovered from her alleged and convenient head injury.

Free pass

Five men broke into a room at a place called Watergate in 1970 and it cost a Republican the presidency. Four Americans plead for help over a six-hour period before being slaughtered by Muslim terrorists and Democrats defend this administration’s incompetence or deliberate lack of response. The real tragic part in all this is how the media, which is supposed to be the watchdog for the American public, is blatantly giving this administration a free pass.

A travesty

As I watched the Benghazi hearing with Hillary Clinton, it occurred to me that this country is so lost. The Democrats on the committee, without exception, are interested only in idolizing Hillary and blaming the Republicans for the ambassador’s death, rather than having the moral integrity to simply seek the truth. What a travesty.

Never enough

Every time I hear a mayor say we don’t have to raise taxes because we got a “grant” from the state, it drives me crazy. If the state has money to give away, there’s an excess in collections. Maybe if the state didn’t “tax” us for all these grants, we would be able to pay the necessary “local” tax to provide the service that the city needs. But to do both is just another example of how government double-dips on us! They just want more and more.