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January 29, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Clinton

When Sen. Rand Paul told Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the congressional investigation of Benghazi that he would have fired her for not doing the job she was being paid for, he only was voicing what most of the American people are thinking about this whole affair. Had we behaved that way and done our job so poorly in the private sector, we would have been out the door in a heartbeat. Not so with our hallowed and beloved government bureaucrats! Four people are dead and their families forever changed because these people did not do what they were being paid to do, and she wants to look ahead instead of back. Of course she does! How else will she wriggle out of the blame and still run for president in 2016? And the bullying liberals are jumping right on her band-wagon for her. Outrageous!

Tax hikes

The taxes proposed by Gov. Deval Patrick are preposterous, especially in this economy. My idea is to stop paying for medical and college costs for illegal aliens in this state. My guess is that we will more than make up for any of the proposed tax increases.

Dog walking

Please do not allow your dogs to use my lawn as a litter box. My lawn is not your yard. Use your own yard and let your dogs do what they have to do on your own property. If your children are walking the dogs, then teach them to show some respect for other people’s property and what the town has stated as rules for walking a dog. This assumes that, as dog owners and parents, you practice being respectful and you know the laws pertaining dog walking and what is allowed and what is not.

No sacrifice

What is all this nonsense that we must all sacrifice to help the economy? We know this is not true because the 1 percent could give plenty and still not be sacrificing. If we broadcast our selves as the richest nation then let us act like it. No one in this country should have to sacrifice even a small amount of their style of living.

Labor abuses

Profit is what built this country. Of course, it was first on the backs of slave labor in the South. Then it was built on the backs of the Irish and Chinese building the railroads in the West. We cannot forget the hundred people that died in the garment industry fire in New York. Also of course we can never forget the problem right here that brought on the Bread and Roses Strike with terrible pictures to prove it. Now that you mention it, the word “evil” could very well be the right word. But there is two sides to everything. In other words there is profit, and then there is profit.

More and more

How does Nancy Pelosi dare say that Democrats in Washington will be needing even more tax revenue? Here we have welfare fraud in Massachusetts with 19,000 “missing” recipients. Nationally, rampant misuse of funds at the GAO, Medicare and Medicaid fraud that just keeps getting more spectacular, drug dealers in this state who get food stamps, and who knows what else that hasn’t even been uncovered yet. Are the tax revenues that are collected ever enough? At what point do we taxpayers say we have paid more than is necessary and demand accountability from these people?