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January 31, 2013

Sound Off

Silly, silly

Sen. Reagan and Rep. Duarte are wasting taxpayer dollars filing bills about campfires in New Hampshire. Disgusting. Pouring tax dollars down a rat hole on this silly, silly drivel. I would suggest you work on the people’s business, not on a pair of whining constituents’ issues with campfires. They need to get over it, move,or get an injunction.

Stop whining

I see that the city of Haverhill is receiving a $98,000 state grant to help combat gang violence. Upon reading the article, I found it was more about the police chief complaining about inadequate staffing levels. I’m sick of the police, firefighters and teachers complaining about not having enough manpower to do their jobs. They turn every newsworthy article into a soapbox to complain about how they need more. Maybe if your “brothers” and “sisters” didn’t have to be so greedy and retire early with $75,000-plus a year pensions with full health care, we could afford to hire more people.

Cable gouging

Comcast just raised rates again. You gotta love them. They truly have become the masters of nickel and dimming us to death haven’t they?

Obama’s solution

I believe that President Obama is about to solve the unemployment issue by giving all the illegal aliens green Obamacards. When they become legal residents, they’ll be able to quit their under-the-table jobs and legally (in their own names) collect unemployment, welfare, SSI, disability and free food and medical care. That will then open up their jobs to the 100 or so unemployed who really do want jobs, thus driving down the unemployment rate. Obviously, this will bankrupt the country, but you can’t have everything.

Fire them all

Democrats or Republicans, what does it matter? This country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War. They want to keep it this way. No budget for four years, $16 trillion in debt, more spending, more taxes, rampant waste, no good-paying jobs except in Washington. Get rid of them all. Remember they work for us, and their performance is an “F” at best. We have no one to blame except ourselves for what has and will happen.

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